Younts South Club

Younts South Club

Younts South Club

Overview: The Younts South Club, made possible by IPTAY Cornerstone Partners Melvin and Dollie Younts, will allow you to experience Clemson football the way it should be: outdoors, hearing the crowd roar, the band play and the cannon fire. Retreat to the club lounge when necessary, for the climate control, private restrooms, food and beverage, HD TVs and access to your personal beverage locker.


  • Open-air seating
  • Climate-controlled club lounge
  • HD TVs throughout club lounge
  • Complimentary gameday program (per game)
  • Personal locker with iced cooler
  • Chairback seating with cup holder
  • Access to club two hours prior to game & one hour after the game
  • Exclusive social atmosphere
  • Private, climate-controlled restrooms
  • Cups, mixers & ice provided in the locker area
  • All-inclusive pregame buffet & appetizers at halftime

How To Qualify: To qualify and be added to the wait list for the Younts South Club in 2024, a capital pledge is required in addition to being at the IPTAY ($3,500) Annual Fund level or above. The capital gift pledge is a three year term agreement and will contribute to your IPTAY Priority Points. For inquiries, please contact a member of our premium team by email at or call (864) 656-9421.


Financial Commitment:
Younts South Club

Seat Location2024 Annual Lease Total
(Per Seat)
Capital Gift
(three year term agreement)
Zone 1$3,300.00Please Contact our Premium Team
Zone 2$2,700.00Please Contact our Premium Team

Premium seat holders must be active members of the IPTAY Annual Fund at the IPTAY level ($3,500) or higher.

*Annual lease total includes ticket cost, amenities and a premium donation which will contribute to your IPTAY Priority Point total.