IPTAY Student
Advisory Board

IPTAY Student Advisory Board (ISAB)

There are many ways to get involved here at Clemson, but if you love college athletics, there is no better way to be All-In than to serve on the IPTAY Student Advisory Board (ISAB). IPTAY is Clemson’s athletic booster club and is one of the oldest in the country. Since 1934, IPTAY has provided millions of dollars in scholarships for student-athletes and non-athletes alike. It also has provided substantial support for programs and facilities that help Clemson athletics stay among the best in collegiate sports. There are more than 17,000 active members of IPTAY across the country who give their time and money to support Clemson Athletics. In addition, there are more than 8,000 students here at Clemson who are proud IPTAY Collegiate Club members! And if you have ever followed Clemson sports, you know Clemson fans are passionate about their Tigers!

The IPTAY Student Advisory Board is made up of a select group of current Clemson students who serve as liaisons between the student body and IPTAY. ISAB enables IPTAY to connect with the students on campus to better educate the general student body on the organization’s mission to support Clemson student-athletes. ISAB is a fun and exciting way to support your Clemson Tigers, make new friends on campus and be an active part of Tiger athletics! ISAB initiatives include building the IPTAY Collegiate Club brand, growing the membership base and promoting the Solid Orange message on campus.

As a member of ISAB, opportunities exist to assist with IPTAY and athletic department events throughout the year that are both mandatory and voluntary in nature, including:

ISAB Involvement

  • Welcome Back Festival participation and Collegiate Club membership drive
  • IPTAY/Collegiate Club Punt, Pass and Kick competition
  • Lunch In Littlejohn
  • Block C Club events
  • Tiger Cub Club Birthday Party
  • Basketball Premium Seating greeters
  • IPTAY Days at Clemson athletic events
  • Enrichment Programs
  • Summer orientation

Application Process

IPTAY Student Advisory Board members serve as student ambassadors for IPTAY. Because there are a limited number of new openings to serve on the IPTAY Student Advisory Board each year, it is required that all interested students complete the online application process. All students who are invited to serve on the board must commit to the expectations noted below. We invite all interested students to apply for the IPTAY Student Advisory Board.

Board Member Expectations

  • Attendance at bi-weekly meetings held on Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m. at the IPTAY office
  • Work two mandatory, plus three voluntary events per semester

Annual Application Timeline

  • February — Online application process
  • March — Application deadline and call for interviews
  • April — New members appointed

Application Requirements

  • Current member of the IPTAY Collegiate Club
  • Must be a rising sophomore or older
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Letter of recommendation

ISAB Staff Advisors

Kelly Geiger

Position: Director of Collegiate and Pre-Collegiate Programs

ISAB Advisor: 2019-Present


Ashby Burton

Position: Marketing & Communications Assistant

ISAB Advisor: 2019-Present


ISAB Conference Room Campaign

Since 1984, the IPTAY Student Advisory Board has been serving as the liaison between IPTAY and the Clemson University student body. ISAB enables IPTAY to connect with students on campus to better educate the general student body on the organization’s mission to support Clemson student-athletes.

If you are a former member of ISAB we want you to know about our initiative to name a space in the new IPTAY Center! It is our goal to raise $250,000 to name a conference room in this new facility which opened in December!  The new facility is the front door of Clemson athletics and provides state-of-the-art space for ISAB and the IPTAY staff to work to provide the very best for Clemson student-athletes.

Below you will see the incentive program including the opportunity to have your name included on the formal recognition within the named space has been laid out for your review. It is important to note that any gift can be paid over a five-year period. In addition, donations of any size are eligible to enroll in a monthly draft. We are excited to have these offerings to both thank you for your support and an opportunity to gear up on your ISAB swag! If you have any questions, please reach out to a member of our team with the contact information provided below. Also, we would like to thank those who have already contributed to this campaign. Go Tigers!

ISAB Campaign Giving Levels

ISAB Decal
Set of Tumblers
Name Included in Building Recognition
Nike Hat
Team Issued Gift

ISAB Campaign Giving Over Five Years

GiftAnnual PaymentsQuarterly PaymentsMonthly Payments

Questions About The ISAB Campaign? Please Reach Out!

Lauren Gaulin

Position: Associate Director of IPTAY Major Gifts

ISAB Advisor: 2016-2019


Reed Kramer

Position: Assistant Director of IPTAY

ISAB Advisor: 2013-2019


Lindsey Leonard

Position: Assistant Director of IPTAY

ISAB Advisor: 2007-2013



Current ISAB Advisors

Kelly Geiger, Director of Collegiate and Pre-Collegiate Programs geiger3@clemson.edu

Ashby Burton, Marketing & Communications Assistant ashbyb@clemson.edu

Former ISAB Advisors

Reed Kramer, Assistant Director of IPTAY – Marketing & Communications rkramer@clemson.edu

Lindsey Leonard, Assistant Director of IPTAY – Young Alumni & IPTAY Events lsweval@clemson.edu

Lauren Gaulin, Associate Director of IPTAY Major Gifts lgaulin@clemson.edu