Message From IPTAY CEO

Message From IPTAY CEO

Fellow Tigers,

Welcome to the IPTAY 2023 year! Since its founding in 1934, IPTAY has been committed to supporting Clemson student-athletes. IPTAY provides funding for athletic scholarships, new and upgraded facilities and Nieri Hall, the student-athlete academic enrichment center. What’s more, the “One IPTAY” enterprise has recently taken on additional roles that include the management and oversight of all premium seating within our athletic venues as well as the newly rebranded Block C Club (formerly the Tiger Letterwinners Association). IPTAY also provides the largest academic endowment on campus to non student-athletes. We truly appreciate all that you do to enable IPTAY to fund these initiatives that help Clemson Athletics be the model program that it is today!

The previous academic year for our Tigers was marked by record breaking success both in the classroom and in athletic competition. At Clemson, we strive to field nationally competitive teams that are also committed to academic achievement. Over the past several years, we have witnessed national championships, record setting GPAs, ACC titles and multiple NCAA post-season appearances. Accomplishments like this are a testament to the importance of continuing to invest in programs that directly impact the lives of nearly 550 student-athletes in our 21 NCAA sports.

At IPTAY, our mission is to provide Clemson student-athletes with the total athletic and academic experience. I would like to thank our more than 18, 700 members who support IPTAY and make student-athlete success possible -both on and off the fields of competition. If you are not currently an IPTAY donor, I urge you to join IPTAY at whatever level you can and support the “One IPTAY” enterprise as we continue in this new era for IPTAY and Clemson Athletics. On behalf of our staff, coaches and student-athletes, I would like to thank you for your generous support and Go Tigers!

Davis Babb
Chief Executive Officer, IPTAY