Major Gifts

Major Gifts

IPTAY Major Gifts

Clemson depends on the generosity and foresight of donors to build and maintain collegiate athletic excellence. Gifts that build an endowment and support major facilities and large-scale initiatives leave a lasting legacy and are vital to the future and the quality of athletics at Clemson University.

Any gift of $25,000 or more is considered a major gift at IPTAY and aid in funding the programs necessary to ensure that Clemson will be competitive today and long into the future.

This bold vision demands that donors step forward with the kind of leadership gifts that provide the funding for facilities and programs to help position Clemson as the University that sets the standards for athletic excellence. These gifts demonstrate Clemson’s commitment to a winning, dynamic program.

Major gifts may be in the form of:

  • Cash
  • Real Estate
  • Securities
  • Gift-In-Kind

Cornerstone Partners

A program within IPTAY Major Gifts is the the IPTAY Cornerstone Partner Program that was established in 2015. This program is for those who pledge and make a gift of $2.5M or more.

A particular focus is on building the athletic endowment. These gifts build a lasting legacy and ensure the future of the University’s athletic program and the student-athletes who sustain it.

For more information about how you can build your legacy in with IPTAY and Clemson athletics, contact a member of the IPTAY Major Gifts team.


IPTAY Major Gifts Representatives

Aaron Dunham, Senior Associate Director of IPTAY Major Gifts

Lauren Gaulin, Director of IPTAY Major Gifts

Tom Wade, Associate Director of IPTAY Major Gifts

Jordan Roper, Assistant Director of IPTAY Major Gifts – Block C Club

Drew Waddell, Assistant Director of IPTAY Major Gifts – akwadde@clemson.ecu