Matching Gift Program

Matching Gift Program

IPTAY has a longstanding history of success with matching gift programs and the support provided has made a tremendous difference in the lives of Clemson student-athletes and Clemson students through scholarships. With the change in the tax law at the start of 2018, matching gift support has changed significantly based on the tax treatment of gifts like those made to IPTAY. Please read the information below to determine if you may still take advantage of your employer’s matching gift program and increase your support for IPTAY and Clemson athletics.

For gifts made to IPTAY, under tax legislation, donations that also confer seating rights to Clemson home athletic events may no longer be tax deductible as a charitable contribution. As such, many employer’s matching gift programs will no longer match gifts to IPTAY as they are no longer tax deductible. Rules and restrictions for matching gift programs vary based on the employer. It is the responsibility of IPTAY to confirm or deny gifts that are eligible for an employer match based on that company’s rules and regulations. In most cases, gifts that provide an annual IPTAY level or IPTAY priority points cannot be confirmed as eligible for a match and, therefore, no match will be given by the employer. This also applies to gifts that are made to the Clemson University Foundation on behalf of IPTAY.

In general, gifts that do not provide any annual IPTAY annual level or IPTAY Priority Points may still be eligible for a matching gift based on the employer’s eligibility criteria. It is the donor’s responsibility to notify IPTAY and/or the CU Foundation, in writing, that they are waiving the right to an annual IPTAY level or IPTAY Priority Points with their gift at the time the gift is made. Please see the updated matching gift guidelines below based on the recent changes in tax legislation.


IPTAY Matching Gift Guidelines

Matching Gifts – Your employer may sponsor a matching gift program that will match your gift to IPTAY. Please visit with your employer’s human resources representative to determine if they have a matching gift program and the rules and regulations around matching gifts to IPTAY. Please check the Clemson University Matching Gift Employer Database for your company and the eligibility requirements for a matching gift.This database does not supersede your employer’s rules and regulations around matching gifts –please check with your employer to verify.

IPTAY members are urged to submit their annual donation along with any matching gift forms early in the IPTAY fiscal year that starts July 1st. IPTAY members will be responsible for donating their full committed amount by June 1. Please be advised that most companies will no longer match gifts to IPTAY that provide an annual IPTAY level or IPTAY priority points.

Matching gifts programs vary widely regarding their eligibility for academic scholarships, athletics fundraising, capital projects and payments on existing pledges. If you have any questions about how your matching gift can be used please contact the IPTAY office.

Please consult your tax advisor for the proper treatment of your donations to IPTAY in light of this new tax legislation and how it may affect your individual tax situation.