WestZone Concourse Club

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WestZone Concourse Club

Overview: The all-new WestZone Concourse Club will allow you to experience the passion, pageantry and tradition of football in Memorial Stadium with the comforts of home. These in-stadium seats provide a direct view of the Hill and the new 7,166 sf video board. Join in the roar of the crowd or retreat to the comfort of the climate-controlled club to enjoy refreshments, private restrooms and HD TVs.


  • Open-air seating
  • Climate-controlled club lounge
  • HD TVs throughout the club
  • Complimentary gameday programs (per game)
  • Chairback seating with personal cup holder
  • Private, climate-controlled restrooms
  • Pregame and in-game hospitality options

How To Qualify: For inquiries, please contact a member of our premium team by email at premium@clemson.edu or call (864) 656-9421.


Financial Commitment:

WestZone Concourse Club

2021 Estimated Lease Total
(Per Seat)
Capital Gift
(three year term agreement)
$2,300Please Contact our Premium Team

WestZone Concourse Club seat holders must be active members of the IPTAY Annual Fund at the IPTAY level ($3,500) or higher.

*Annual lease total includes ticket cost, catering services, a premium donation and will contribute to your IPTAY Priority Point total.