WestZone Concourse Club

WestZone Concourse Club

Overview: The all-new WestZone Concourse Club will allow you to experience the passion, pageantry and tradition of football in Memorial Stadium with the comforts of home. These in-stadium seats provide a direct view of the Hill and the new video board. Join in the roar of the crowd or retreat to the comfort of the climate-controlled club to enjoy refreshments, private restrooms and HD TVs.


  • Open-air seating
  • Climate-controlled club lounge
  • HD TVs throughout the club
  • Complimentary gameday programs (per game)
  • Chairback seating with personal cup holder
  • Private, climate-controlled restrooms
  • Pregame and in-game hospitality options

How To Qualify: For inquiries, please contact a member of our premium team by email at premium@clemson.edu or call (864) 656-9421.


Financial Commitment:

WestZone Concourse Club

2022 Estimated Lease Total
(Per Seat)
Capital Gift
(three year term agreement per pair)

WestZone Concourse Club seat holders must be active members of the IPTAY Annual Fund at the IPTAY level ($3,500) or higher.

*Annual lease total includes ticket cost, catering services, a premium donation and will contribute to your IPTAY Priority Point total.