IPTAY Seat Equity

IPTAY Seat Equity

IPTAY 2023 Seat Equity Plan

Clemson, like other top-20 attendance leaders, added a preferred seating component to our annual giving program in 2008. Under this plan, season ticket holders who give at or above the specific per-seat value qualify for specific seating in Memorial Stadium. In recent adjustments to the seat equity plan, all season tickets in Memorial Stadium available for purchase require a per-seat donation. These adjustments were determined and endorsed by the IPTAY Board of Directors and the Athletic Department.

To estimate the minimum IPTAY donation required to renew your seats, simply multiple the value for your section by the number of tickets you have in that specific location. As a reminder, the maximum number of season tickets an IPTAY Donor is eligible to purchase each season is determined by your IPTAY annual giving level.

Seat Equity Plan Equation: IPTAY Seat Value x Number of Seats = Required IPTAY donation

Per-seat donations are a common system utilized in intercollegiate athletics to enhance the annual support provided to student-athletes. When the initial IPTAY Seat Equity Plan was announced and implemented in 2008, modified in 2013 and 2017, one component of the plan permitted periodic marketplace reviews of the values of each section of seating in Memorial Stadium. The diagram below shows the current per-seat donations that have been implemented for the IPTAY 2023 year.

Please note meeting the per-seat donation does not guarantee assignment in the location. New or additional football season tickets are assigned by IPTAY level and priority points within that level.

Digital IPTAY 2023 Seat Equity Booklet