Message of Support from IPTAY CEO Davis Babb

Message of Support from IPTAY CEO Davis Babb

Fellow Tigers, 

Our organization was founded in 1934 under the premise of providing comprehensive support for Clemson student-athletes. The long-standing generosity of IPTAY members has set an incredible standard for the resources available to our Tigers while strengthening our brand to become a leader among the nation’s best. Through your support, we’ve been able to provide funding for scholarships, facility enhancements, mental health resources, strength and conditioning, academic programming, and more.

As we move forward in navigating the dynamic landscape of intercollegiate athletics, in particular name, image, and likeness, we continue to search for the best permissible avenues to support the needs of Clemson student-athletes. Earlier today in a joint press release, the formation of the 110 Society as the new NIL Collective created by members of the Clemson community to support Clemson student-athletes was announced. Now more than ever, your support is critical to ensure we remain at the highest level in attracting the highest-caliber student-athletes.

IPTAY will continue to seek funding and support toward the growing areas and initiatives defined within our mission and vision. We will also partner with Clemson Athletics and 110 Society to intentionally fundraise to support the 110 Society’s efforts in providing opportunities for Clemson student-athletes. It is important to note, NCAA rules and guidance allow IPTAY to assist in fundraising for the 110 Society.

We are excited about the opportunity to engage in this area, and we constantly have people asking us how they can get involved. The creation of 110 Society and its continued partnership with Clemson Athletics and IPTAY will streamline the fundraising process and will enhance the experience for fans, brands, and businesses looking to connect with Clemson student-athletes.

Through 110 Society, additional value and meaningful connections for our student-athletes in our Clemson community will be fostered as fans will be able to directly interact with the Tigers from lessons to appearances or digital messages, and more. Brands and businesses can find student-athletes who match their values and will help reach the right audience.

As an organization, the IPTAY mission and vision remain the same, and we intend to continue evolving alongside the national landscape to remain among the nation’s best in supporting the student-athlete experience. As members of IPTAY, we need you to rise to the occasion in our call to action to do so by supporting the 110 Society in addition to your generosity toward the existing priorities within our organization. 

To learn more about the 110 Society and how to engage as a fan, brand, or business, click here. To read the full joint press release shared earlier today, click here.

As always, we are incredibly grateful for your investments in the futures of our more than 550 student-athletes. On behalf of all of us here at IPTAY, thank you for your unwavering dedication.

Go Tigers! 

Davis Babb