IPTAYCC Priority Points

Student Tickets and Priority Points

Student Point System:
  • Student earn points by both credit hour accumulation and IPTAY Collegiate Club membership
  • Credit hour points: Students will earn points based on credit hours as reported by the Clemson University Registrar (0-29 hours=1 point, 30-59 hours=2 points, 60-89 hours=3 points, 90+ hours=4 points)
  • Graduate students will receive one credit hour point regardless of total hours earned. Graduate students may also receive IPTAY Collegiate Club Membership points for years in which they were members as a Clemson undergraduate student and as a current graduate student.  Collegiate Club Membership points are counted for the current academic year and the three years prior  (i.e., for the 2021-2022 academic year – collegiate club 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 years are counted)
  • IPTAY Collegiate Club membership points: IPTAY Collegiate Club members will earn one point per year of IPTAY Collegiate Club membership. REMINDER: you must be a member of the IPTAY Collegiate Club specifically.
  • Credit hour points and IPTAY Collegiate Club membership points are combined for ticket allocation purposes and are cumulative by year. (i.e., a student with 0-29 credit hours and NO IPTAY Collegiate Club membership has 1 point a student with 0-29 credit hours and an IPTAY Collegiate Club membership has 2 points, a student with 30-59 credit hours an NO IPTAY Collegiate Club membership their first two years has 2 points, a student with 20-59 credit hours and a TWO-year IPTAY Collegiate Club membership has 4 points, etc.)

Additional Ticket Information

Enjoy attending sporting events as a student? Join our All In Student Rewards program! All In Rewards is the official student reward program for all Clemson Athletic events and holds your student ticket to attend all events, except football. Students will receive points that can be redeemed for exclusive prizes in our store by coming to support your Clemson Tigers. Earn points. Win prizes. Download our free app in the Apple or Google Play store today! (*Incoming freshmen and transfers will receive an email in August when their account is activated.*)

The All-In Rewards App is operated by the Clemson Athletic Department. An email will be sent to all incoming students when they are eligible to log in.


Contact the Clemson Athletic Ticket Office by phone (1-800-CLEMSON) or by email cutixonline@clemson.edu