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The Mission of Golf Paws

Clemson Golf Paws strives to provide a mechanism that encourages and enables support for the Clemson University golf program so it maintains its place in college golf as a perennial national championship contender.

Men's Golf Head Coach Jordan Byrd

Golf Paws is a tremendous asset for the Golf Program! Because of Golf Paws we have been able to offer many valuable technologies that are essential to our golf team being one of the best in the country. We thank everyone who donates to Golf Paws and want donors to know their desire to provide our program with the best is noticed every single day we are on the course!

Women's Golf Head Coach Kelley Hester

Golf Paws is a grassroots concept that greatly benefits our program. We would not be here today without the backing and support of Golf Paws. The funding we receive is essential to being one of the best in the country.

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Clemson Golf Paws Was Formed To Provide An Unrestricted Fund For Clemson Golf

Every year, additional needs arise outside the program’s budget. With your support of Golf Paws, coaches can meet those needs and provide their players with the tools to help them achieve the highest level of play. By joining Clemson Golf Paws, you will ensure the clubhouse, practice facilities, and other important recruiting tools are at their very best. Join Clemson Golf Paws and make a difference in the lives of Clemson golfers today!

Your support makes a direct impact on the Clemson University golf program!

Golf Paws Board of Directors

  • Margaret Bond – Chair
  • Daniel Alexander
  • John Engler
  • Moore Patton
  • Larry Penley
  • Greg Smith

Golf Paws Membership Levels and Rewards

TIGER LETTERMAN $100Koozie, Sticker, & T-Shirt
ALL-ACC $250Koozie, Sticker, Hoodie, & Hat (Trucker or Performance)
ALL-AMERICAN $500Koozie, Sticker, Hoodie, Hat, & Dozen Balls
NATIONAL CHAMPION $1,000Koozie, Sticker, Hoodie, Hat, Dozen Balls, & Shoe Bag
PROFESSIONAL $5,000+Koozie, Sticker, Hoodie, Hat, Dozen Balls, Tote, & Team Travel Gear

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Golf Paws Gear

Golf Paws Gear

Golf Paws Gear

Golf Paws Gear

Thank You For Supporting Golf Paws!


MAIL: Attn: Clemson Golf Paws, P.O. Box 1529, Clemson, S.C. 29633