IPTAY Tiger Cub Club Summer Reading Program

School’s out for the summer which means it’s time to join the Tiger Cub in this year’s Tiger Cub Club Summer Reading Program!

Simply read at least three (3) books of your choice and complete the form located above to log your books read. All submissions are due by August 31, 2021

Each participant will receive a FREE t-shirt for your accomplishment as well as an entry to win a FREE engraved brick inside the gates of Memorial Stadium. Cubs (infant to age 12) who read at least ten (10) age-appropriate books or CATs (age 13-18) who read at least five (5) age-appropriate books will receive a special prize!

For Cubs who are too young to read, don’t worry you can count the books you read to them!

Have a great summer, enjoy some good books, and GO TIGERS!


Download and print these bookmarks to help you keep track of your summer reading!


Have a question about participation in the Tiger Cub Club Summer Reading Program or about your Tiger Cub Club/CATS memberships?

Kelly Geiger, Director of Collegiate and Pre-Collegiate Programs

geiger3@clemson.edu  | 864-656-948