2024 Football Parking News & Notes

2024 Football Parking News & Notes

Who, what, where, why, when, and how are six words vital to the planning, preparation, education, expectation, and execution of an IPTAY donor’s football parking and tailgating experience. Changes to campus infrastructure, the blessing of high member retention and the increased support of IPTAY are all factors that are considered during the football parking/tailgating assignment process. This information aims to inform you about the changes to the parking inventory, how your membership level and priority points affect when/where your parking is assigned, and an understanding of the overall timeline as you prepare another season of Clemson Tiger Football.


IPTAY staff members all play a role in football parking assignments. If you have questions about parking please contact IPTAY via email at IPTAYparking@clemson.edu or by calling 1-800-CLEMSON.


The 2024 IPTAY Football Parking Eligibility Chart and the 2024 Interactive Football Parking Map are good resources when preparing to make request(s) for the upcoming football season. The eligibility chart helps guide what a donor can expect to have as options (and the number of spaces) on the football parking request form and the interactive map shows what level donors were in each lot for the 2023 season and the estimated level and points needed for assignment in each parking lot option for the 2024 season.



Parking space availability is often impacted from one season to the next due to construction projects or general changes to the campus landscape. Listed below are parking locations that will be affected for the 2024 football season as of February 6, 2024.

  • Lot 3J– Jervey Gym expansion and renovation has eliminated 82 spaces.
  • Lot 23– College of Forestry academic building will eliminate all of Lot 23.
  • Seneca Creek Meadow– Campus Facilities Operations is being relocated to the property off Seneca Creek and McGregor Rd. This relocation will reduce available parking inventory. Exact number of spots being affected is still unknown.
  • C1– All of Lot C1 will be assigned to IPTAY members for the 2024 season.
  • Lot 8- Progress towards the Advanced Materials Innovation Complex will reduce inventory for the 2024 season; 92 spaces down to 40.
  • Lot 2A– Expansion of the West Campus Chilled Water Plant will affect inventory on the south half of Lot 2A.


IPTAY football parking is reassigned each year to address changes in demand and the physical loss of space and to utilize all available inventory to raise the funds needed by the Clemson University Athletic Department. This annual reassignment process is completed by ranking donors by their IPTAY giving level and then by points within that level.


In mid-March, donors who have pledged and paid 50% of their donation, will receive an email to make their 2024 football season ticket and parking request online, over the phone, or by visiting the McCarter Family IPTAY Center. The parking request form is specific to IPTAY membership levels as of March 1. The deadline to submit a season ticket and parking request form is April 15. Any changes to an IPTAY membership level should completed by that date to be used during the assignment process.


All donors are ranked by their membership level first and then by their priority point total within that level.  That means that all Riggs level donors are put in order from most points to the least.  Then Heisman donors with the most points to the least.  Followed by Fike, McFadden, Jervey, IPTAY, Howard, Tiger, Champion and Orange; again by points at each of those giving levels.

After all donors are ranked, we begin to make assignments. The initial step starts with all donors who have met the estimated level and points as denoted in the 2024 Interactive Football Parking Map on the Lot Info tab by assigning them to the same space they were allocated for the 2023 season if the spot is still physically available, and if the donor requested the same space. Next, our team reviews each request for changes in rank order of level and points. If a donor has a specific space or lot request, we look for options to see if we can meet the request. When an outranking donor’s request displaces another donor from their prior year’s assignment, that account will be assigned a new space based on their first, second, and third choices submitted when their account comes up for assignment. We repeat this process until all 11,000+ accounts that buy 2 season tickets at the Orange level and above are assigned parking.

Note: All primary passes are assigned prior to secondary passes, based on eligibility as described in the 2024 IPTAY Football Parking Eligibility Chart.


If you have questions related to tickets, please email the ticket office directly at cutixonline@clemson.edu. For questions regarding parking, please email the IPTAY parking team at IPTAYParking@clemson.edu or fill our the parking customer service request form below!