FAQ’s: For Students


What is the cost to join the IPTAY Collegiate Club?

IPTAY Collegiate Club membership is $50 per year

If you are an incoming Freshman and would like to join for all four years at once, you are eligible to receive a discount and pay $150 for all four years. Your membership will automatically renew for the four years of your Clemson experience

How do I join IPTAY Collegiate Club?

By clicking HERE and using one of the options listed.

What information do I need to join IPTAY Collegiate Club

Have your CUID# and Clemson email ready and click HERE.

When will I need to renew my IPTAY Collegiate Club membership for the next year?

As a current Clemson student, you can log into your online account HERE to renew now.

For students that join as incoming Freshmen and pre-pay for all 4 years, your membership will renew automatically.

What is the difference between the IPTAY Collegiate Club and the IPTAY Scholarship fund?

The IPTAY Collegiate Club is the membership program for our current Clemson Student Body, while the membership donations for IPTAY Collegiate Club also supports the same areas of Clemson Athletics as the IPTAY Scholarship, there are benefits that our students receive ONLY when they are members of the IPTAY Collegiate Club specifically.

    • An example of this – only students that are members of the IPTAY Collegiate Club will receive an extra point in the student ticket point system for Clemson Football for each year that they are a member of the IPTAY Collegiate Club. If a student only gives to the IPTAY Scholarship fund, they will not receive this benefit.
Why should I join the IPTAY Collegiate Club as a student?

Joining the IPTAY Collegiate Club allows you to be ALL IN as a Clemson student and join over 8,000 of your peers in supporting Clemson Athletics and scholarship for student-athletes

Joining IPTAY Collegiate Club also allows you to participate in certain benefits that are exclusive only to Collegiate Club members including but not limited to:

    • Extra point in the student ticket point system for Football
    • Priority line access for Men’s home basketball games
    • Invitation and attendance to various events in our athletic facilities
What benefits do I receive as an IPTAY Collegiate Club member?

A comprehensive list of IPTAY Collegiate Club benefits can be found HERE.

Where can I pick up my IPTAY Collegiate Club t-shirt?

Each year Collegiate Club t-shirts are available to our IPTAY Collegiate Club members, while we do not mail these shirts out with your credential packets, there are several ways to get your t-shirt:

    • You can pick up your shirt at any one of the events that we host throughout the year, including but not limited to:
      • Welcome Back Festival (August)
      • Solid Orange Friday events
      • Punt Pass Kick Events
      • Tailgate Events
      • Be sure to check your email for on-campus pick-up dates, locations, and times once you are on campus in the fall
My parents are already IPTAY members, can I join the Collegiate Club on their account?

No, IPTAY memberships are not transferable from a parent to a child. To be able to take advantage of all of the benefits of the IPTAY Collegiate Club, you must have your own IPTAY Collegiate Club account

I already have an account through the IPTAY Scholarship fund and/or The Tiger Cub Club/CATS Program, do I have to create a second account for my IPTAY Collegiate Club membership?

You will need to create an IPTAY Collegiate Club member account with your CUID being your IPTAY number. This will allow our system to recognize you as a Collegiate Club member for the student ticket point system process. Please reach out to us by one of the methods listed HERE.

Can Clemson Bridge students join the IPTAY Collegiate Club?

Clemson Bridge Students can join the IPTAY Collegiate Club for their freshman year and will receive MOST of the same benefits as current Clemson Students. As a Bridge student, you will accumulate both IPTAY priority points and the extra points in the student ticket point system for each year you are a member of the IPTAY Collegiate Club. The student ticket process options work slightly different for Bridge Students, but you will still receive that extra point for your Freshman year. For more information regarding the student ticket process for Bridge Students, please contact the Clemson University  Ticket Office at 864-656-2118.

What is the difference between "IPTAY priority points" and the "extra points" for the student ticket system?

IPTAY Priority Points are points that you receive as a donor to any of our IPTAY programs. The amount of IPTAY priority points that accumulate each year as a member depends on the program that you donate to. For our IPTAY Collegiate Club program, you will receive one IPTAY priority point for each yeah that you are a member of the Collegiate Club and one IPTAY priority point for every $250 accumulated on your account. These IPTAY priority points will show up on your IPTAY online account. For more information regarding IPTAY priority points for other IPTAY programs, click HERE

The extra points for the Student Ticket Point System are the extra points that you receive for every year you are a member of the IPTAY Collegiate Club specifically. The Student Ticket Point System is a 9 point system comprised of credit hours, IPTAY Collegiate Club membership, and All Student Rewards app points. For you to receive the extra points for IPTAY membership in this system, you must be a member of the Collegiate Club, not the general IPTAY Scholarship Fund. Please note: The points listed on your account may not be your most up-to-date point total.

    • You will receive an extra point in the system for every year that you are a member of the IPTAY Collegiate Club
    • These points are calculated internally and will not show up on your IPTAY online account
What is the IPTAY Student Advisory Board?

The IPTAY Student Advisory Board is made up of a select group of current Clemson students who serve as liaisons between the student body and IPTAY. ISAB enables IPTAY to connect with the students on campus to better educate the general student body on the organization’s mission to support Clemson student-athletes. ISAB is a fun and exciting way to support your Clemson Tigers, make new friends on campus, and be an active part of Tiger athletics! Initiatives include building the IPTAY Collegiate Club brand, growing the membership base, and promoting the Solid Orange message on campus.

For more information on ISAB, click HERE.

How do I get involved with the IPTAY Student Advisory Board?

Members of the IPTAY Student Advisory Board are selected based on an application and interview process each year. Applications for the IPTAY Student Advisory Board usually open each year around February. IPTAY Collegiate Club members will receive email communications with details, deadlines, and process instructions leading up to the application timeframe.

What happens when I graduate?

Once your IPTAY membership account is established (regardless of when), you will always have an IPTAY account; any membership donation and gift to IPTAY will accumulate IPTAY priority points on your account. Once you graduate, we encourage you to continue to stay engaged with IPTAY and Clemson Athletics by becoming a member of our IPTAY Young Alumni Program. This is a GREAT program to take advantage of as a new graduate – as you are able to join our IPTAY Scholarship Fund for certain donor levels at a discounted price the first four years after graduation. As a member of IPTAY Young Alumni program, you will also be able to take advantage of discounted season tickets.

For more information on the IPTAY Young Alumni program, click HERE or contact Lindsey Leonard, Assistant Director of IPTAY via email at LSWEVAL@clemson.edu or via phone at 864-656-2975

I have more specific questions and or need help signing up. Who should I contact?
  • Kelly Geiger, Director of Collegiate and Pre-Collegiate Programs (contact information found HERE) or text 864-656-2115