FAQ’s: For Parents


What is IPTAY?

Originally, the letters IPTAY stood for “I pay ten a year.” Begun in 1934 to give the Clemson athletic program the support it needed, IPTAY is now one of the most successful athletic fundraising organizations. IPTAY donors provide millions of dollars in scholarships for student-athletes and non-athletes alike. It also has provided substantial support for programs and facilities that help Clemson Athletics stay competitive in collegiate sports.

As part of IPTAY, you help student-athletes be top competitors both on the field and in the classroom and you get all the benefits that come with being a part of this important organization.

IPTAY is supported through annual donations, gift planning, and major gifts. Each is vital to the success of Clemson Athletics.

Why should I join IPTAY as a parent?

Joining IPTAY as a parent allows you to be ALL-IN just like your student and join over 17,000 members by supporting Clemson student-athletes, Clemson athletics programs, as well as one of the largest non-athletic scholarship endowments at Clemson University. 

  • Stay up-to-date with Clemson athletics news with weekly emails
  • There are ticket benefits when joining IPTAY, including but not limited to: 
    • Ability to purchase season tickets for Football, Basketball, and Baseball (at a certain IPTAY level)
    • Early on-sale advantage for single-game tickets for Football, Basketball, and Baseball
    • Ability to purchase postseason tickets
  • To see benefits for each level, click HERE
How do I join IPTAY?
  • Online at the link found HERE
  • By phone at 864-656-2115
  • Mailing in an IPTAY brochure found HERE. Mailing address found on the brochure
  • Coming by the IPTAY Office during office hours (8 AM-4:30PM)
Do I have to be a Clemson alum to join IPTAY?

No! Anyone can join IPTAY regardless of alumni status.

How do I know which level to join?

Each IPTAY level offers varied benefits based on your donations, therefore the level at which you would like to join depends on the level of impact you would like to make on Clemson athletics and the level of benefits you desire

  • Each IPTAY membership level automatically qualifies you for weekly My Orange Update emails, a credential packet mailed to you with welcome information and a membership gift for the year, priority access to request regular-season single-game tickets as well as postseason tickets. 
  • Other benefits vary by level and can be seen HERE
  • You can also reach out to our IPTAY Annual Team at 864-656-2115 or iptay@clemson.edu for guidance on your donation level or fill out the contact form found HERE
Do my student and I need separate IPTAY accounts?

Yes. The student account is unique to them for the purpose of priority ticket allocation and Collegiate Club member benefits. For your student to take advantage of the extra points in the student ticket point system, they must be a member of the IPTAY Collegiate Club. 

The IPTAY priority points obtained by the student during their years at Clemson will be rolled into their IPTAY account after graduation. 

A parent’s IPTAY account is on a different priority point system and is unique to the priority and benefits for the parent. 

IPTAY accounts are not transferable from parents to children

How do I sign my student up for IPTAY Collegiate Club?

There are four easy ways to sign up for Collegiate Club

  • Online: Found HERE 
  • Visit us at your summer orientation session
  • Phone at 864-656-9489
  • Mailing in an IPTAY Collegiate Club brochure found HERE
  • At the IPTAY Center Monday-Friday, 8 am-4:30 pm
What information do I need to sign my student up for IPTAY Collegiate Club online?

To make the process of joining online easier, please make sure you have the following information ready:

  • Your student’s CUID Number. Their  IPTAY number as a Clemson Student will be their CUID number with the “C” being replaced by a “1”)
  • Clemson email address
  • Address: When entering their address, we encourage you to put in your home address and not your student’s Clemson address.
  • Join now by clicking HERE
What benefits do I receive as an IPTAY Collegiate Club member?

A comprehensive list of IPTAY Collegiate Club benefits can be found HERE.

If I have younger children, is it possible to start an IPTAY account for them now?

Yes, any child can join IPTAY and begin to accumulate IPTAY priority points at any age. Membership into our Tiger Cub Club costs $40 per year and is for members ages infant – 12 years old. Once your child becomes a Clemson student, their accounts will be merged with their Collegiate Club student account and their IPTAY priority points will continue to accumulate

To learn more about these programs, please visit HERE or contact Kelly Geiger at geiger3@clemson.edu or 864-656-9489

What if I have more questions about an IPTAY membership for myself?

More information about IPTAY can be found in the membership guide found HERE, call the IPTAY office at 1-800-CLEMSON or email iptay@clemson.edu