The IPTAY 2021 year is well underway! As the IPTAY 50% deadline approaches on March 15, we wanted to provide you with a list of frequently asked questions to assist in the joining and renewal process. If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our office. Thank you for your support of Clemson student-athletes and Go Tigers!


March 15

IPTAY 50% Deadline

April 1

Online Football Ticket & Parking Application Opens

June 1

Deadline To Complete IPTAY 2021 Pledge

June 30

Last Day of IPTAY 2021 Year


What Is the March 15 IPTAY 50% Deadline?

The IPTAY 50% deadline is the first major deadline of the IPTAY year. By this date, a donor will need to pledge and complete 50% of this pledge to receive the 2021 online football season ticket and parking application in early spring.

How do I receive the 2021 football ticket and parking application?

All donors who pledge at the Purple level and above and complete 50% of that pledge by March 15 will receive the online 2021 football season ticket and parking application. Donors will be notified by the ticket office via email in early spring when their application is available in their online account.

When is the remainder of my IPTAY 2021 pledge due?

The remaining balance on all IPTAY 2021 pledges are due by June 1, 2021. If the pledge is not fulfilled by this date, the IPTAY and ticket offices will hold your football tickets and parking passes.

If I make my IPTAY 2021 donation and the capacity for football is reduced, how will my donation be handled?

IPTAY, the fundraising arm for Clemson Athletics since 1934, is classified as an independent non-profit charitable organization. Being a 501c3 non-profit organization, all gifts to IPTAY are non-refundable donations.

While we hope and expect to have 100% capacity at Memorial Stadium this fall,  please know our team will continue to monitor the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. If capacity is affected for the 2021 football season due to the pandemic, further information regarding IPTAY 2021 donations will be communicated at that time.

Can I request the same parking space that I had for the 2019 season? Why do I need to submit 3 choices?

Yes, a donor can request the same parking space assigned in 2019. Please be aware though that simply requesting that space does not guarantee a donor will receive that parking assignment for the upcoming 2021 season. Parking is reassigned annually first by annual IPTAY giving level and then by IPTAY Priority Points within that level.

By submitting three choices that gives our IPTAY Parking Committee the ability to assign the donor to a preferred location if their top choice is not available at the time of assignment.

Review the interactive parking map for more information and to see expected giving levels for the 2022 season in each lot.
Is my parking spot guaranteed from year to year?

No, parking is reassigned annually, first by annual IPTAY giving level and then by IPTAY Priority Points within that level.

I am a new donor, how are football season tickets assigned?

New and additional season tickets requested are assigned first by annual IPTAY giving level and then by IPTAY Priority Points within that level. The maximum number of season tickets an IPTAY donor is eligible to purchase each season is determined by  IPTAY annual giving levels.

Unlike parking, football season tickets are not reassigned annually. Once season tickets are assigned, the donor can request those exact seats going forward as long as all posted deadlines and required donations are met. If a donor chooses not to renew, those seats will be made available to new donors or current donors requesting new or additional season tickets.

What is the IPTAY seat equity plan?

Clemson joined other top-20 Football Bowl Subdivisions attendance leaders by adding a preferred seating component to the annual giving program. All season tickets in Memorial Stadium available for purchase require a per-seat donation. The current per-seat donations were determined and endorsed by the IPTAY Board of Directors and the Athletic Department.

To estimate the minimum IPTAY donation required to renew your seats, simply multiply the value for your section by the number of tickets you have in that specific location. As a reminder, the maximum number of season tickets an IPTAY Donor is eligible to purchase each season is determined by your IPTAY annual giving level.

Seat Equity Plan Equation: IPTAY Seat Value x Number of Seats = Required IPTAY donation

Per-seat donations are a common system utilized in intercollegiate athletics to enhance the annual support provided to student-athletes. When the initial IPTAY Seat Equity Plan was announced and implemented in 2008, modified in 2013, one component of the plan permitted periodic marketplace reviews of the values of each section of seating in Memorial Stadium. The diagram below shows the current per-seat donations implemented in the IPTAY 2017 year.

Please note meeting the per-seat donation does not guarantee assignment in the location.

*Click to enlarge.



How do I find out more information about premium seats?

Memorial Stadium is home to nearly 100 luxury suites and two premium club areas, the Younts South Club and the WestZone Club. To learn more about these areas and how to request information, please click on the buttons below. Or contact the IPTAY premium seating staff at premium@clemson.edu.

When do we expect a capacity decision to be made for the 2021 football season?

Currently, Clemson Athletics and IPTAY are preparing for a full return to capacity crowds for the 2021 football season inside Memorial Stadium.

Safety remains the highest priority for our fans, student-athletes, coaches, and staff. In coordination with university administrators, health officials, the state, and the federal government, we will continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic. A final decision on capacity will be made in late summer.

How do I make my IPTAY 2021 donation?

Joining IPTAY is easy!

Online: Click HERE

By Phone: 1-800-CLEMSON

By Mail: Click HERE for a printable application.

In Person: IPTAY Center – 1 Avenue of Champions Clemson, SC 29634 – Monday-Friday: 8am – 4:30pm

How much are season football tickets this year?

The 2021 season will feature 6 homes games inside of Memorial Stadium.

  • 2021 Clemson football season ticket cost: $380
  • Clemson University Faculty & Staff: $304 (20% Discount/up to two season tickets)
  • IPTAY Young Alumni Donors: $304 (20% Discount)
How will tickets be distributed for the UGA game in Charlotte?

Further information will be communicated separately once more details are finalized.