IPTAY Representative Program

The IPTAY Representative Program (REP) is critical to the growth of IPTAY. From its inception, The REP program was designed to solicit new members and put the best foot forward for Clemson. As IPTAY continues to move into the future, it is important that each of us play a role in growing our membership, raise the funds for athletic scholarships, new and upgraded facilities, the Neiri Family Student-Athlete Enrichment Center, strength and conditioning, nutrition services, life skills and more.

The role of an IPTAY Representative (Rep) is important to the success of the “One IPTAY” enterprise. For IPTAY to continue to meet the demands of the increasing education costs, IPTAY Representatives must be willing to…

REP Responsibilities:

  • Contact prospective donors
  • Contact previous donors who did not renew
  • Contact current donors who may be able to increase their level of giving
  • Contact recent graduates about continuing their IPTAY involvement
  • Refer prospective "Major Gift" donors
  • Assist the IPTAY staff in maintaining and updating donor records
  • Provide the IPTAY Office with news about donors or their families
  • Abide by all Clemson University, ACC and NCAA guidelines, rules and regulations


IPTAY REP Program Representative

Jason Wilson, Associate Director of IPTAY – Parking & IPTAY Rep Program wilson@clemson.edu